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Blood Moon

The Blood Moon on May 15, 2022 was caused by a total lunar eclipse. It was a dazzling sight to take in while hanging out on the peak of a mountain.

The moon in a total lunar eclipse

San Gabriel Peak

I originally didn't even realize that the blood moon was because of an eclipse. I met two very nice people at the summit of San Gabriel Peak who informed me of the event and some of the information that went along with it. I came prepared though because I had my 100-400mm lens and tripod so I could photograph the full moon only now it's a lunar eclipse! As the moon rose over the peaks I snapped a photo with the Mt. Wilson observatory in the foreground. Also, notice the cone shaped shadow just to the left of the moon coming up from the bottom of the image. This was from the sun setting behind us causing the peak we were standing on to cast a dark shadow over the valley. Photos don't do the actual sight justice of all of this coming together.

Moonrise and beginning of the eclipse

Closer to the Total Eclipse

I sat a watched the eclipse progress for a little bit. I feel like it's important to get the shot but also enjoy the experience. I started to hike back down to the first of two saddles where I knew I would get another view of the moon while knocking some distance off my night hike. I snapped a shot through some branches of the partial eclipse.

Partial Eclipse

Total Eclipse

I hung out at the saddle until the total eclipse. It was so cool! I really enjoyed looking at the moon and its orange hue. It made me think about how we are just sitting here on this giant rock tumbling gracefully through space.

Total Lunar Eclipse

Unexpected Experience

I am so glad I decided to go to San Gabriel Peak with the big heavy lens with the intentions of photographing the moon. I was extremely lucky to experience this rare and breathtaking sight. I'm thankful for the experience and will remember it for a long time. If you're interesting in purchasing a print use the button below to visit my Special Events print shop.

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